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Le Phénomène Sonore released an audio CD recording of Opus 214 & 253

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London, 7th - 26 october, 2017
Works by Jean Catoire and Christine Turellier will be performed in London as part of the 9th Planet Tree Music Festival

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Jean Catoire - Piano Sonata 18, Opus 420 (1975) performed by the composer

   To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Jean Catoire, an extract from the Piano sonata Opus 420, performed by the composer, has been made available in 2013 on YouTube.

   For 90 minutes Jean Catoire takes us into a timeless and immutable space of pure musical sound characteristic of his work from the late 50s onwards. The entire piece, which is actually 3 hours in length, was written between January 30 and February 2, 1975. A version was also conceived as a String Quartet and Sextet.tet.

   Le Phénomène Sonore offers you an excerpt from this recording.



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