Le Phénomène Sonore - Useful links

Useful links concerning Jean Catoire and Le Phénomène Sonore


Towards a new phenomenon of sound - The visionary music and writings of Jean Catoire, a commentary by James D'Angelo (7/30/96)


The Requiem Survey - A survey containsing classical, vocal requiems (and their composers), requiem-songs, motets and profane requiems.


Organdi - Culture, création, critique - In this online magazine you will find the english version of the text written by Jean Catoire on the phenomenon of sound, a french written note by Nicolas Robert, and a writing (in french) by Nicolas Bacri on Jean Catoire 's music.


Musica et Memoria, le Panthéon des musiciens - A website that focuses specifically on presenting neglected musicians to the public, exploring some little known aspects of the most famous musicians or telling unfamiliar episodes in the history of music.


Quartetweb - The string quartet since 1914. An international professional resource.