Enregistrements - Jean Catoire

London, The 9th Planet Tree Music Festival, October 7th - 26th, 2017

Sunday October 15th, 3pm, All Hallows Church, South Hampstead, - The Solem String Quartet will perform the world premieres of the the Quartet 26 op.129 by Christine Turellier and the Quartet 13 op.219 by Jean Catoire.

Thursday October 19th, 7pm, Rosslyn Hill Chapel, Hampstead - Sandra and Jeroen Van Veen, piano duo, will perform the world premiere of the Sonata no.3 for 4 hands piano op.222 by Jean Catoire.

Saturday October 21th, 7.30pm, Rosslyn Hill Chapel, Hampstead - James d'Angelo will perform the Piano Sonata 11 op.206 by Jean Catoire.

Programme du Festival 

 Program of the 9th Planet Tree Music Festival

Princeton (New Jersey, USA),WPRB Radio, September 28, 2016

Princeton's WPRB 103.3 FM radio broadcasted the Sonata for Cello and String Orchestra for its "Classical Discoveries" featuring the mixture of music just written and some beautiful little known early selections.

Minsk, Composer Union, December 1, 2014

Nicolas HORVATH interpreted the Pièce pour piano Opus 145.

Kiev, Night of Minimal Piano, February 12, 2014

Nicolas HORVATH, piano, performed the Sonata n° 19 op. 520.

Collioure (France), June 27-28, 2013

As part of "The Night of the Piano Minimalist" in Collioure, pianist Nicolas HORVATH performed the world premieres of Opus 145, 134 and 154.

Paris, American Church, November 25, 2012

Nicolas HORVATH performed the world premiere of the Pièce pour piano Opus 145.